Category: Most Frequently Asked Questions

In case you’ve forgotten your password or simply need to change it, follow these easy steps.

1. Navigate to the login screen on your device. For example and in the bottom of the screen, click on Forgot Password.
2. Write your email address that you’ve used to register your Badger account and click on Get New Password.
This will send you an email with a link to reset your password usually within 1 minute. Go to your inbox and click on the long link at the bottom of the email. In rare cases, please check your spam folder.
3. Type your new password and click on Save Password.
We recommend using a strong password with UPPER and lower-case letters as well as some digits and special characters. If you choose to use a weak password, check the warning box that will appear. You can also click on Generate Password for a strong computer-generated password. Save your password when prompted by the browser.
4. You can now go back to the login screen, write your email address and NEW password to log in. Contact your production staff in case you are still having problems.